Art of the Heist

Art of the Heist


Nick (Matthew Rhys) owes the mob $50K by Friday. Two problems with that: A) he doesn’t have a penny to his name. B) He has an idea to rob 5 galleries to pay off the debt…

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It’s not a crime if you don’t get caught.


Runtime: 85 mins.
Format: 2:35 Scope (35mm)
Sound: Dolby Digital/5.1
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: R
Genre: Action/Romance/Comedy


Wisconsin Film Festival

“A jolly, high tempo romp through the underworld of London’s gangs and art world. This snappy production couples the excitement of a heist movie with a charming cast.”
-Rolling Stone

“From the animated credits – an homage to The Pink Panther‘s opening sequence – through to a cheeky Smart car chase that honors The Italian Job, Jane’s aesthetic is cheerfully retro – an impression reinforced by Malik’s imperious villain and an absence of explicit violence…”
-GQ Magazine

“*** ½ for this classy caper with a funny script, multiple twists and loads of charm…”
-Chicago Tribune

“Great car chase, performances are uniformly good and the film is flat out fun…”
-Time Out NY

“Smooth, Slick, fun, affair that mixes Lock Stock with the Thomas Crown Affair…”
-Los Angeles Times

“…rollicking little comedy caper…”
-BBC America

“Matthew Rhys is an engaging leading man and Malik makes a suitably menacing villain.”
-London Evening Times

“The performances are sharp and giddy enough to repeatedly win us over; it’s obvious the cast is having a ball with the material, and their mood is infectious. Director Richard Janes keeps everything moving at a healthy clip, lending a jazzy, freewheeling style to the tale. The story itself is too shallow, but as cotton candy entertainment, it tastes pretty sweet…
-David Cornelius,

“…there are moments that are genuinely hilarious, suspenseful and dramatic…”

“***** Classy British caper flick…funny script, multiple twists and if that’s not enough for you it stars Kate Ashfield from SHAUN OF THE DEAD.”
-SF New Times

“ …the performances are uniformly good… Rhys is a likeable motormouth.”
-Sky Movies

“on edge the whole time”
HK and Cult Film News