Butterfly Girl

Butterfly Girl


At first glance, it is not obvious that Abbie Evans lives with a life-threatening skin disease.

She is a typical teenager: moody, rebellious, irreverent, and is also strikingly beautiful. But her life is the antithesis of normal.

Abbie grew up in hospitals, cared for by her protective mother. She then came into her own in honky tonks, selling merchandise for her father’s band. But just like any other 18 year-old, Abbie yearns for an identity of her own.

Butterfly Girl charts Abbie’s journey towards a new understanding of how she must balance her past with her future, her parents with her independence, and her disease with her desires.

But what price must she pay for that freedom?

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Runtime: 78 minutes
Format: 1:85 Flat
Sound: Dolby SR
Country: USA
Language: English
Website: www.ButterflygirlMovie.com
Genre: Documentary


Directed by: Cary Bell
Featuring: Abbie Evans, Stacie Bolyard, John Evans


Official Selection — SXSW Film Festival
Official Selection — Full Frame Film Festival
Official Selection — Newport Beach Film Festival
Official Selection — AFI Docs Film Festival
Official Selection — Chicago International Movies & Music Festival
Official Selection — Nashville Film Festival
Official Selection — Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival

“Abbie’s free spirit, aching wanderlust and gritty toughness are palpable.”
-LA Times

“Touching and inspirational…”

“Abbie Evans is a dynamo.”
-Village Voice

“…that rare documentary film that comes along that absolutely grabs you by the heart.”
-Ralph Tribbey, DVD & Blu-Ray Release Report

“The beauty of the film comes from Abbie’s extraordinary outlook on life. Every scene of heartbreak is balanced with a moment of joy.”
-Bill Tucker, The Austinot

“”As a mother, the film gave me an overwhelming appreciation that I have three healthy kids…”
-Marika Flatt, Texas Lifestyle Magazine

“An intimate portrait…modest yet moving” – Variety

“Cary Bell’s human portrait of survival” – The Austin Chronicle

“Roars out the gates… intense… emotional…” – Moveable Fest

“Abbie is a spitfire who says what she means… with a constant twinkle in her eye.” – The Huffington Post

“Despite the obvious sadness at its heart, the doc benefits from an unforced optimism….” – The Hollywood Reporter

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