The Cabining

The Cabining


Todd and Bruce, two struggling writers, get one last shot at success thanks to Todd’s wealthy uncle, Sarge, who gives them two weeks to impress him.

With the deadline looming and no fresh ideas, the pair head to Shangri-La, a serene artist’s retreat, with the hope that the peace and company of fellow artists will inspire greatness… or, failing greatness, at least a fling with a leggy French sculptor.

The retreat proves to be anything but serene, however, as the artists start dying off one by one, and soon these two are fighting for their very own lives!

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Runtime: 83 minutes
Format: 1:78 HD
Sound: Dolby SR
Rating: R
Country: USA
Rating: R
Genre: Horror


Bare Bones (OK) – won Best Horror

Brainwash Movie Festival
Cape Fear Indie FF – won Best Horror
Dances with Films
FANtastic Horror Fest
Jerome Indie Film & Music Fest
Kansas Int’l FF
The Indie Gathering – won Best Horror/Comedy
United FF Los Angeles

The 13th Wolfman’s video review of “The Cabining”
13th Wolfman

“…painless diversion for genre fans.”

“Indican Pictures released The Cabining into limited theaters and onto VOD today, which is a horror-comedy that stars legendary “that guy” Richard Riehle (Hatchet).”

“This kooky cabin adventure gone wrong is what indie filmmaking is all about… Ass-kicking on the most enlightening of scales.”

“…quite a respectable balance of smart and dumb laughs.”

“Indican Pictures has acquired the rights to THE CABINING out of the Dances with Films 2014 festival!”

“Indican Pictures Acquires THE CABINING”

“Original, campy, and darkly hysterical The Cabining does for Murder mystery what Shaun of The Dead did for Zombie films.The team up of the Todd and Bruce characters worked amazingly well with Todd’s calm yet bewildered home town boy attitude contrasting Bruce’s loveable douche bag personality in a way that gave birth to comedic fact beyond gold, this is truly comedic adamantium! These guys could very well be the new age Abbot and Costello us comedy nerds have been praying for!”
By The B Movie Avenger

“The Cabining is a riotous blast!”
Best Horror

“THE CABINING relies on some pretty strong performances from Kopera, who plays the uptight writer to Keister’s Bruce, who is all loosey-goosey when it comes to just about everything in his life. THE CABINING has some hearty laughs and some clever twists…”
Ain’t It Cool

“Best Horror screenplay in a long awhile! The Dolls Love It!”
Dolls of Despair

“This movie is a successful hybrid of the macabre and the mortally hilarious…it’s as maliciously entertaining as it is very very funny.
Hacked in the Head Reviews

“A bloody good time. Kopera’s direction is solid; he handles the script and the actors with charm, wit and ease, which leads to some damn funny performances and a handful of really hilarious scenes.Jeffery T. Schultz’ cinematography is excellent: there’s some stunningly composed images and other cool visuals, as well as lots of pretty cool angles. A treat for the eyes! Also, a fabulously old-fashioned score by Steve Sholtes. Love all the little references to “The Shining”!
Maynard’s Horror Movie Diaries

“This film really surprises by its originality and smart scenario.The film is great and very entertaining. Absolute positive recommendation for this slice of comedy…”
Horror on Screen

“Horror comes home once more in THE CABINING, another clever satire on the standards of the genre that packs in more than its fair share of laughs along the way. Mike and Steve Kopera bring us an entertaining and understated comedy filled with enjoyable characters and many bloody murders.”
I Like Horror

“The Cabining is a fun little film that lovingly plays with/spoofs genre conventions without breaking them or just getting moronic, that has got its fair share of suspense and shocks and even gore, but doesn’t forget about its characters. Now add to that a very likeable cast,and a story that’s well-structured under all its genre references, and you’ve got yourself a very enjoyable piece of genre cinema!”
Search My

“A dark, devilish comedy that hits the mark time after time. I enjoyed this film immensely and for good reason, it is a clever, well written film with a fun bunch of characters that are brought to life by an amazing cast. “The Cabining” is what Indie Cinema is all about, this will have wide appeal because comedy and horror fans alike are going to eat this stuff up!”
Video Views

“It’s way more of a wonderfully lighthearted satire than “Cabin in the Woods”‘ and way more intelligent than any horror comedy with a Wayans brother involved in it.”
Super Duper Shock Cinema

“One thing that really struck me about The Cabining was how well it had been made. Going far beyond the means of a general indie film, it boasts crisp, steady camera work, good lighting (though there are a few issues during some of the outdoor scenes), clear sound and excellent post-production.”
Horror Hothouse

“I really enjoyed the movie.The main cast has good chemistry and that’s the glue. “The Cabining” is so much better than some other independent horror comedies…”
Film Bizarro

“I can’t help but admire the cojones of Mike Kopera…Watching is rather like sitting back at a murder mystery dinner and enjoying the show.”
Apocalypse Later

“Tragedy is easy, comedy is hard. Unknown. In the case of horror films, combining the two can be a delicate tightrope to walk. In the case of The Cabining, the feat is nicely accomplished.”
Horror News Network