Hysterical Psycho

Hysterical Psycho


The feature debut of Dan Fogler offers up a Hitchcockian homage mixed with fart jokes that will leave you peeing your pants from both comic laughter and horror induced cringing.

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The feature debut of Dan Fogler offers up a Hitchcockian homage mixed with fart jokes that will leave you peeing your pants from both comic laughter and horror induced cringing. Follow along as Strange Lenny and his merry band of misfits take a trip to the woods of Maine to visit Moon Lake. Unbeknownst to them, Moon Lake, is imbued with “lunar radiation” that can unbalance any mind unfortunate enough to come near it. Of course, our nubile youngsters travel to this bed of lunacy and surprise, surprise – things go deadly wrong with bodies piling up, boobs popping out of dresses and mischief in the air. Now there is only one thing left to decide – are you man enough to watch this without going Hysterically Psycho!


Runtime: 78 minutes
Format: 1:78 Flat (35MM)
Sound: Dolby SR
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Language: English
Country: USA


Directed by: Dan Fogler
Starring: Noah BeanLennon ParhamDeborah S. Craig, Kelly Hutchinson, Randy Baruh, Ariel Shafir, Sarah Saltzberg and Charissa Chamorro with Gilbert Gottfried


Official Selection — Tribeca Film Festival
Official Selection — Friars Club Comedy Film Festival

“I wanted to direct an homage to Alfred Hitchcock with my own modern stamp of course. Acid-Hitchcock, orRock & Roll-Hitchcock, I’d settle for either of those. And by all means stop me if I sound like an asshole at any point during this article. I made Hysterical Psycho as an acting experiment really in preparation of playing the young Hitch in a film yet to be made called the Number 13. “
Dan FoglerThe Huffington Post 

“…scripted by Fogler, HYSTERICAL PSYCHO is a satirical chiller that follows a New York theater troupe to upstate Moon Lake, where the phenomenon of “lunar radiation” has the potential to unbalance minds—and does, leading to all sorts of grisly insanity and murder.” 
Michael Gingold  FANGORIA

“It’s a berserk, over-the-top, wildly uneven assault of humorous and homagistic horror that’s decidedly not for all tastes—but those who do enjoy its flavor are gonna eat it up. There’s a camaraderie and a go-for-broke spirit behind the whole project that’s infectious, and pays off in moments that generate both laughs and knowing groans. Fogler (who appears briefly in the live action and also provides the voice of the cartoon Hitchcock stand-in) keeps things moving and brings it all home, so no one and nothing has a chance to wear out its welcome.”
Michael Gingold, Fangoria

“The cast in general is very good — Jeremy Silver as Woody the Groundskeeper is hilarious…” 
John Anderson, Variety

“Dan Fogler has made the rounds in a handful of really funny movies, but he puts on his creative hat for his first outing as a writer/director of this hillarious, super fucked up horror comedy.He also combines some of the sexiest Tarantino-esque music that would make even Tarantino jealous. ‘Hysterical Psycho’ is a twisted, hysterical(no pun intended) horror first, comedy second movie that comes at you full speed and never lets up. Dan Fogler has created a seriously awesome, fucked up throwback to the horror comedies we fell in love with from the 80′s and 90′s, and this will eventually achieve “Cult” status. The really great thing is the killing starts almost immediately, and never lets up even through the credits.”
We Are Movie Geeks

“Director Dan Fogler, making his directorial debut, packs almost every crowded, askew frame with inventive visual gags, and much of the fun … is spotting the in-jokes.”
Jason Zinoma, Vanity Fair 

“Hysterical Psycho is a campy take on the “group of people stuck in a cabin” genre that has become a staple of the horror genre.”
Jennifer Wood, Movie Maker 

“…hallucinatory cinema…”
Vincent Zahedi, Aint it Cool News 

HK and Cult Film

“With the horror/comedy HYSTERICAL PSYCHO Fogler proves that you can still make a really funny parody.”
Christopher Coffel, The Crypt

“Hysterical Psycho’s strength lies in its unpredictability.”
Ain’t it Cool News 

Article about Moon Lake, the comic book based off of Dan Fogler’s Hysterical Psycho.

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