Kill Me, Deadly!

Kill Me, Deadly!


It’s 1947, hard-boiled private dick Charlie Nickels’ client is murdered and her priceless diamond stolen. 

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It’s 1947, hard-boiled private dick Charlie Nickels’ client is murdered and her priceless diamond stolen. The investigation forces Charlie to do the one thing he vowed he would never do again: trust a dame. Kill Me, Deadly has the look and feel of the classic noirs of the 1940’s, a classic love story with deceit, murder, double and triple crosses all wrapped in… comedy. That’s right, comedy.


Runtime: 100 minutes
Format: 1:85 Flat
Sound: Dolby SR
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Comedy


Best Director — Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival
Best Supporting Actor — Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival
Official Selection — Soho International Film Festival

“Successfully adapting and opening up his own play, writer Bill Robens crafts an entertaining, affectionate film noir spoof, appropriately and atmospherically lensed in shadowy black and white by director of photography Nicholas Trikonis and crammed with genre archetypes (even the Maltese Falcon contributes a cameo), hard-boiled motor-mouthed narration supplied by private dick hero Charlie Nickels (Lemont) and relentless banter that frequently flies creatively out of control, providing the pic with one of its funniest running riffs..”
– Videoscope Magazine

“Noir Enthusiasts should have a lot fun…Recommendation of the house!”

Bad Movies

“…The best of countless cinematic parodies…”

-The Hollywood Reporter

“Pokes fun at all the film noir tropes audiences know and love” 

Images from the “Kill Me, Deadly” Premiere!
-Getty Images 

“Lovingly has fun with the genre…”
-Broadway World 

“Slick…stylized…played for laughs”
-LA Weekly 

‘Kill Me, Deadly’ takes a fun shot at a 1940s-style Hollywood mystery.
 – Los Angeles Times

“…a deadpan delight…just gets better, and funnier, as it goes along.”
– HK and Cult Film News

“The cast is full of actors from theater and TV, including Vangsness’ “Criminal Minds” co-stars, Joe Mantegna and Shemar Moore.”
– ABC News

“…’Criminal Minds’ Crew’s Noir Comedy Gets April 1 Release Date…”
– Deadline