Man Underground

Man Underground


In a small town in upstate NY, Willem Koda, a retired geologist and alien conspiracy theorist, struggles to find an audience for his controversial beliefs.

After befriending Flossie, a local waitress and aspiring actress, and Todd, an amateur filmmaker living off his Uncle’s inheritance, Willem decides to document his clandestine lifestyle and his violent encounters with aliens while working for the US Government. As the story unfolds, the three of them witness bizarre events and unexplained happenings that force Willem to confront his past while growing increasingly paranoid about the future of all mankind.

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Runtime: 93 mins.
Format: 1:85 Flat
Sound: Dolby 2.0
Country: USA
Language: English
Rating: R
Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery, Paranormal


Winner, Best First Feature/New Flesh Award – Fantasia Film Festival
Winner, Audience Favorite – Eastern Oregon Film Festival
Winner, Best Feature Film – STUFF Film Festival
Official Selection – Cinequest Film Festival
Official Selection – London Frightfest
Official Selection – Telluride Horror Show
Official Selection – Imagine Film Festival

“A very pleasant surprise,  A little gem. “
Yes Weekly

“Sci-Fi film Review”
The Rotting Zombie

“a truly unique one”
Ain’t it Cool News

“is unlike any ‘conspiracy theory’ story”
HK and Cult Films News

“definitely worth checking out!”
Alien Bee

“Subtle and Engaging… Performances are Stellar”
Decay Mag

“Cinematic premise”
The Hollywood Reporter 

“Keeping me on the edge of my seat… full of twists and turns and unexpected development!”
Decay Mag

“COMING to DVD This August!”
Horror Fuel

“Emerges on DVD and VOD this August”

“Searches for answers”

“You are being watched”
Alien Bee Entertainment News

“Opens in several theatres”

The Rotting Zombie

“Sums up the hardships of adult relationships beautifully”
The Hollywood News

“Incredibly compelling”
Monster Movie App

“Examination of human need for connection”
Film Journal

“Supplies a new approach”
Birth. Movies. Death.

“Quirky indie drama”
Los Angeles Times

“Oscar-worthy Drama…tickles the edge of the Sci-Fi genre”
Movie Monster App

“left-field comedic instances and sharp slices of human element”
Dread Central

“fantastic writing, superb acting and a haunting score”
Dose of Terror 

“a film that wears its heart on its sleeve”
Hollywood News 

“as entertaining a film as you are going to find”
Video Views 

“daring storytelling….a bold, memorable film”
Cinema Slasher 

“A strong entry into the pantheon of modern indie genre films”

“The Napoleon Dynamite of alien conspiracy movies”
Scream Cast 

“great independent cinema”
Movie Hooker 

“truly genuine, lived-in performances”