Moscow Never Sleeps

Moscow Never Sleeps


Welcome to Moscow.

With those words an amazing journey begins for an entrepreneur whose business empire is under siege, a teenage girl trying to escape her life, a young man forced to choose between love and family, a singer torn apart by her love for two different men and an ailing film star embroiled in a bizarre kidnapping gone wrong!

These stories connect each not only to each other, but shine a light  on the cruelty and beauty of the Russian spirit in Europe’s biggest city!

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Runtime: 90 minutes
Format:  1:78
Sound: Dolby Surround Sound
Country: Ireland and Russia
Language: Russian
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Thriller


Official Selection, Moscow International Film Festival

Official Selection, Woodstock Film Festival

Official Selection, Galway Film Festival

Official Selection, Cork International Film Festival

Best Director, Harlem International Film Festival

Winner, Jury Prize, Vyborg International Film Festival

“wonderful tale”
DVD and Blu Ray Release Report

“sexy drama”
The Savvy Screener

“big surprises”
-The Washington Post

“slickly produced”
-Los Angeles Times

-The Hollywood Reporter

-The New York Times

“Moscow Never Sleeps” is engaging”

“Moscow Never Sleeps is ambitious”
Village Voice

“pretty great”

“solidly acted”

Washington City Paper

“The film still manages to hold our attention, and every now and then manages a brief profundity.
The Young Folks

“Watching this Altman-esque film with its vivid characters embraced by exquisite photography could teach you more about the culture of Moscow than you could learn from being there for a week.”

“This film is an unqualified masterpiece and my pick for best foreign language film of 2017.”
The Louis Project

“a thriller”
-The Irish Times

“brings authentic, bittersweet tones”
The Independent

“But this bittersweet portrait of the city’s moods and idiosyncrasies ultimately does back up its apparent mission statement: “Moscow’s a prison, but we love it.”
-Film Journal

“a lot of edge-of-your-seat suspense, action sequences and thrills.”
Movie Guru

“O’Reilly has crafted a meticulously drawn tapestry of universal human themes within a setting that’s as unique as it is familiar.”
-The Film Stage

-Movie Maker


“An experience that will glide you along.”
-Philadelphia Inquirer

“We love it.”
-Film Inquiry

“rich poetic moments”

“A film that bows to none in its scope and ambition”
-The Irish Times

“Cinematic Chekov set in Modern Day Moscow”

“A slick, Sexy, Sophisticated Drama” 
-Village Magazine

“A pure, true reflection of Moscow life”

-Sunday Independent

“Amazing and dynamic”
-Rosisskaya Gazeta


“Captures dynamic, toxic and insomniac Moscow”
BNE Intellinews

“Beautifully made, hilarious and touching”
-The Guardian

“Vivid and Unique”

“Subverts all stereotypes about Russia.”
-Woman Magazine

“A cosmopolitan portrait of Moscow.”
-GQ Magazine