The Afghan

The Afghan


A bored teen piano prodigy has her life turned upside down one day when she learns her parents are divorcing.

After a horrible accident that drives her to run away, Claire befriends a young refugee from war torn Afghanistan.

As the two of them dream of being renegade outlaws, his hidden truth starts to come out as Claire discovers he is a drug courier and the mobsters he ripped off want their drugs back leading the two on a harrowing journey.

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Runtime: 92 minutes
Format: 2:35 Scope (35MM)
Language: English
Sound: Dolby Digital
Rating: R
Country: Belgium


Official Selection — Berlin Film Festival
Official Selection — Cannes Film Festival
WINNER BEST EUROPEAN FILM — Hollywood Film Festival
WINNER BEST ACTRESS— Laurien Van den Broeck — Moscow Film Festival
WINNER BEST FILM — Netherlands Film Festival
WINNER BEST ACTRESS — Fort Lauderdale Film Festival
WINNER JURY AWARD — Netherlands Film Festival
WINNER BEST FEATURE — Durango Film Festival
Official Selection — Boston Film Festival
Official Selection — Montreal Film Festival
Official Selection — Chicago Film Festival
Official Selection — Cairo Film Festival
Official Selection — Barcelona Film Festival
Official Selection — Madrid Film Festival
Official Selection — Rotterdam Film Festival
Official Selection — St. Petersburg Film Festival
Official Selection — New Delhi Film Festival
Official Selection — Cleveland Film Festival
Official Selection — Bangladesh Film Festival
Official Selection — Rehoboth Beach Film Festival

This creepily compelling film unfolds with the disordered logic of a fever dream…
Chicago Reader

As graphic as it is provocative, the film uses scenes of bloodshed to comment on broader themes like creation and destruction — and somehow transcends the cultural barriers separating the characters. The result is, at the very least, illuminating.
SF Bay Guardian

Surreal and occasionally disturbing, the film is like a fevered fairy tale… the movie finds a hypnotic balance of poignancy and energy, anchored by Ms. Van den Broeck’s astonishingly self-assured performance. She’s like a Belgian Dakota Fanning…
Jeanette Catsoulis, NY Times

Van der Oest is a strong intuitive director, involving her audience with a deft mix of offbeat scenarios and painful heartbreak….young actress Laurien Van den Broeck, whose transformation from quiet daughter to reckless wild child is nothing short of stunning. Her acting is filled with such primal force and maturity…
Norm Schrager, FilmCritic.Com

A wild dream that spins into a nightmare… it will stick in your mind, and may even disturb your sleep. “
Elizabeth Weitzman, NY Daily News

…highly original feature from Dutch filmmaker Paula van der Oest that mesmerizes…
Village Voice

Film boasts a stand-out performance by Lauren Van den Broek and Director Paula van der Oest does a terrific job making this film beautiful to look at and absorbing. She manages to create an eerie atmosphere simply with beautiful, lush cinematography.”

…the film has two strong performances from the youngsters, beautiful cinemagraphic images, and perfectly eerie music that remind you of the best Europe has to offer.
Walter Addiego, SF Chronicle