The Trouble With Terkel

The Trouble With Terkel


Meet Terkel, a miserable sixth grader constantly picked on by two merciless bullies, Nigel and Saki. So what can you do? Tease the ugly girl in class – Fat Doris! When the abuse from Terkel is too much, she throws herself out a window which makes Terkel more popular. Now dealing with popularity Terkel finds solace in booze, guns and everything American. But then life takes a turn for the weird when he receives strange death threats, unable to confide in his annoying sister or alcoholic Uncle, Terkel turns to his sexually inappropriate hippie teacher with intentionally hilarious results. Watch out as anything goes in this crazy comedy about love, family, psychos, pastries, booze and uncontrollable sixth graders in this outrageous Animated flick!

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Running Time: 88 minutes
Format: 1:78 Flat (35mm)
Sound: Dolby SR
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Country: USA and Denmark
Language: English


Directed by: Kresten Vestbjerg Andersen and Thorbjorn Christoffersen
Featuring: Shark Firestone, Mike Olsen, Marlise Garba-Wright, Richard Janes, Eve Mauro


Official Selection — Tribeca Film Festival
Official Selection — Warsaw Film Festival
Official Selection — Danish Film Festival
Official Selection — Helsinki International Film Festival
Official Selection — Taiwan International Animation Festival
Official Selection — Waterloo Festival
Official Selection — Seattle International Film Festival

“Animated adventure from hell!”
-DVD and Blu-Ray Release Report

“Filled with raunchy jokes and goofy musical numbers, this flaunts political incorrectness at every turn!”
YES! Weekly

“it’s playful”

“Weird, oddball, hilarious.”
Film Crave

“South Park meets Beavis and Butt-Head”
DVD and BluRay Release Report 

Full on ‘Family Guy and The Simpsons Meet Beavis and Butthead.’ “
HK and Cult Film News 

“Bright cartoony visuals”
The Rotting Zombie

“Jimmy Neutron for the South Park set.”

“Very relevant humor about social themes, political themes, and taboos that no one talks about.”
Cinema Crazed

“Handles Provocatively-themed animation.”
Los Angeles Times

“Pixar-Grade Beautiful…”
Film Journal International

“Terkel is terrific, anarchic treat! This is wicked, wonderfully offensive stuff, made even more memorable by the inclusive of songs whose lyrics rival anything created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It is absolutely sidesplitting at times, the cartooning cracking you up as much as many jokes. And the art design and CG look is something very unique and elastic, resembling a Plasticman family reunion on mescaline…”
Bill Gibron, PopMatters

“The animated characters have a unique look and the visual imagination extends into the varied backgrounds creating a stylized world that works. The actors have a great variety of distinctive voices for characters and the outrageous humor keeps the film entertaining and VERY politically incorrect. Terkel remains unconventional and a welcome change from the typical animated film about children. Fake bloopers are an added bonus.”
Ed Scheid, BoxOffice Magazine

“The Trouble With Terkel” is without parallel the most offensive, most profane, most no- politically correct, most violent and funniest animated film to date.” 
Henrik Sylow,

“Terkel is crudely animated, even more crudely written, and frequently laugh out loud funny. Juvenile is a word often attached to films as a negative, but in this case it is achingly appropriate. Terkel In Trouble is the product of a fevered mind, one frighteningly in touch with what makes the pubescent mind tick. It is enormously vulgar, yes, but also endlessly creative, shocking, and frequently disturbingly accurate in how it captures the fickle, capricious nature of adolescence. It’s a bit short which keeps it from being a classic, but on the whole Terkel is great fun.”

“Raunchy yet hilarious. The movie is being compared to “South Park” and I can see Trey Parker and Matt Stone doing something like this, but that would be selling Terkel short because the film not only brings plenty of it’s own unique ideas to the table, this film really has eye-popping animation going for it as well. this type of animation will keep you laughing from beginning to end. Stylistically the Animation matches all the stories zaniness and what is going on in the film. I ended up watching this twice because some of what is being said happens so fast that I found things I missed the first time around. Terkel is off-the-wall, funny, crazy and one of the most enjoyable animated features I have seen in some time, as far as adult entertainment goes it doesn’t get any better than this. Keep your eyes peeled for Terkel, it’s definitely a don’t miss!”
Video Views

“Infectiously funny, visually striking and delightfully politically incorrect (and sometimes completely amoral) animated feature written by Danish humorist Anders Matthesen. The film is packed with original characters, events and dialogue throughout.” 
Fredrick Fevang, Fresh Film Reviews

“…quite a likeable little film with some quirky animation, strong voice acting and some childish swearing, there’s enough going on to keep our attention…but it’s reserved tone becomes growingly more likeable. Eventually they decide to chuck in a few cheeky f-words for good measure – which isn’t either big or clever, but it does up the laugh quota a bit.”
Martin Cleary,

“The Trouble With Terkel” will be fun for teens because it’s so lovingly un-pc and disrespectful! For in this film the boys don’t just spit, puke and bleed but they even pee on themselves. This film is the anti-Disney, a place with melted-adhesive-Disney-crooning music, but weirdly strange songs and super-cool-disco-enclosures. The songs have lyrics that will shock you including a riff about child sex in Thailand. While it’s over the top, there is an honesty to the film that is lacking elsewhere.”
Gunter Jekubzik,

**** “Politically incorrect and bloody, TWIT combines playground humour, horror pastiche and hilarious song-and-dance numbers into foul-mouthed spectacle. It’s brilliantly re-scripted into English by Wallace & Gromit’s Mark Burton, and is voiced by the likes of Bill Bailey, Craig Ferguson and Delinquent Habits. It’s for the kid in all of us.”