"a slasher blended with Beauty and the Beast" | Beloved Beast


“a slasher blended with Beauty and the Beast”

“Now this is quite an unusual movie: In a way it's a slasher blended with Beauty and the Beast motives, wrapped in crime drama and peppered with twisted small town Americana - and the outcome is like nothing you've ever seen, a sick modern day fairy tale (sick in a good way) that's certainly not for the squeamish. There are two things that really make this film though, for one, is that it's very successful in creating its own "world" with its own rules, and on the other that there is no clear distinction between good and evil, and while many of the "good guys" are deeply fallible, the not so good guys are at least relatable, and Milton, the baddest of them all, is in a way also a tragic and misunderstood hero. And of course, an atmospheric directorial effort and a strong cast really help to bring this story to life.

Well worth a watch for sure.”


Indican Pictures