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“a curious film”

“Magically, the joyous day arrives that Robin finds herself pregnant with their first child. Though, during her second trimester on a routine visit to the golf-obsessed obstetrician’s office (Robert Rhine: Parasites 2016Dracula in a Women’s Prison 2017), the couple discover that, along with the growing fetus, Robin has a massive fibrous cyst inside her uterus. Only thing is, in the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “It’s not a tumor!”

What follows includes a cheating husband, a weed-smoking sis, a hippie nan-doula, and a super-cute gelatinous blob. Clocking in at 90 minutes in-length, Cynthia was directed by Devon Downs (Anarchy Parlor 2015Buried Secrets 2018) and Kenny Gage (Twisted Sisters 2016Devious Nanny TV movie 2018), and was written by Robert Rhine (Vinnie and Angela’s Beauty Salon and Funeral Parlor 1999Exorcism at 60,000 Feet 2018).

The film also features Sid Haig (House of 1,000 Corpses 2003The Devil’s Rejects 2005) as Detective Edwards; Bill Moseley (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 1986The Devil’s Rejects 2005), as one sassy little homeless woman; Robert LaSardo (Death Race 2008Nip/Tuck series) as Pete, the janitor; Rebecca Marshall (The West Wing seriesTwo and a Half Men series) as Robin’s sister; James William O’Halloran (Notorious seriesCriminal Minds: Beyond Borders series) as Randy; Lynn Lowry (The Crazies 1973Shivers 1975) as the nan-doula; Andrew Pagana (Raze 2013Buried Secrets 2018) as Detective Downs; Ben Whalen (Anarchy Parlor 2015My Crazy Sex series) as Pathologist Manny; James Karen (Poltergeist 1982, The Return of the Living Dead 1985) as Frank Teague,and Emma Julia Jacobs (Hitchcock 2012Starry Eyes 2014) as sexy Nurse Tippi.”

-Cryptic Rock

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