"Genre Actor Sid Haig Stars as Big Daddy in Stoner Horror High on the Hog" | High on the Hog


“Genre Actor Sid Haig Stars as Big Daddy in Stoner Horror High on the Hog”

“High on the Hog is ready to blaze this April. This film, starring Sid Haig (3 From Hell), Joe Estevez (Public Enemy) and Robert Z'Dar (Maniac Cop I), will show in several U.S. cities, in mid-april. From director Tony Wash, the film is one part stoner comedy and one part horror. In the story, Big Daddy must fight off the federal government as he tries to grow his green crop. He utilizes his beautiful farmhands, to be a part of his pot protecting army. To show in several countries, a preview of High on the Hog's upcoming release is available now.

Actor Sid Haig is also the producer on this feature. He says of the film and its genre: "I’ve always loved the grindhouse action movies of the 70’s and am happy to make this off beat, modernized take on them!" This film is heavily influenced by the drug infused films of the past as seen in the film's official release trailer, found below.

The initial release will take place in multiple cities and countries, through Indican Pictures. Initially, High on the Hog will show in: Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the United States. This first theatrical run will take place on April 19th. A release on DVD is expected for May. For now, fans of Haig can see what is in the pipe below, with the film's official trailer.”


Indican Pictures