"plenty of weed smoking, nudity and some hilarious dialogue" | High on the Hog


“plenty of weed smoking, nudity and some hilarious dialogue”

“An incredibly potent strain of weed has hit the city causing mass hysteria and a fair few violent deaths. Federal agents are on the case and are targeting a small town farmer who is growing weed on his families farm to make ends meet and sending it to the city to sell. Big Daddy (Sid Haig) is actually a kind man, respects his papa and takes in abused women, all he wants to do is be left alone alone to grow his weed and reap the rewards with his lovely ladies Lenore (Fiona Domenica), Lola (Brenda Whitehead), Laura (Siarra T. Mong) and mute farmhand Jimmy (Adam Budron) he will do everything it takes to protect the people he loves.”

-Horror Screams

Indican Pictures