"it's fun and fabulous" | Killer Unicorn

“its fun and fabulous”

“Legendary and majestic in nature, the unicorn has long been revered as a symbol of virtues like beauty, freedom, courage, joy, healing, and purity. So much so, in fact, that King Robert officially adopted it as Scotland’s national animal in the late 14th Century, though it had been appearing in official seals and coat of arms as early as the 12th Century.

If this is how one wishes to continue to see and remember this beautiful creature, then go ahead and hop off that high horse, or unicorn, and get ready to party with the inverse of everything you love about the horned-beast, as a mysterious murderer squares off against the fiercest faction of Brooklyn Drag Queens. No worries though, because the party won’t stop with these girls… even after the bodies start to drop.”

-Cryptic Rock

Indican Pictures