"slasher story line" | Off Season
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“slasher story line”

“An ungainly hybrid of low-key drama and tawdry thriller, the Martha’s Vineyard-set indie “Off Season” squanders some inviting local color on a blah horror/mystery plot.

Jessica Cadden Osborne gives a good performance as Lena, a summer temp forced by circumstance to stick around into the fall, moving to a remote farm preparing for its harvest. Lena’s fellow employees, and the farmer’s family — including a curious little girl named Sadie (Braedyn Clark) — tell her stories about the people who have met fatal ends while living on the property. Lena fails to register any of this as a warning until people start dying.

Or, more accurately, the movie fails to give its slasher story line room to develop until it’s too late. “Off Season” has some modest charms as a portrait of a young woman making a living in a resort community. Everything else in the film — murders inclusive — feels like an afterthought.”

-Los Angeles Times

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