"Intense" | Perfect Skin



Perfect Skin is in fact a tale of more than one migrant. Young Katia Matuszczak (Natalia Kostrzewa) came to London from Poland to work as an au pair, but quit her job, and has just been kicked out of a Polish friend’s apartment. She moves in with another friend (and another migrant), the heavily tattooed Australian Lucy Dalton (Jo Woodcock), and through her meets Bob. Workless, cashless, homeless and fatherless, Katia is adrift and lost, escaping into a hedonistic haze of alcohol and cocaine. Yet Bob, drawn to her untouched skin like an artist to a fresh canvas, can see only potential in Katia – the possibility of crafting his swansong – and so he abducts and imprisons her, determined to execute his deluded designs on her bare flesh before his time and talent run out. For Katia is to be his final masterwork, even if the process destroys both of them.”


Indican Pictures