"zombies happen, lots of people get eaten" | Shed of the Dead

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zombies happen, lots of people get eaten

“With a suitably bombastic opening narrated by the one and only Brian Blessed, this is the story of a mighty warrior mage who battles against all the odds to overcome an army of undead - or at least, its principal protagonist would like it to be. In fact, Trevor (Spencer Brown) is an anti-social, thirtysomething slacker with a marriage that is still staggering along despite having been dead for some time, and partly in order to avoid his wife he spends all day hiding out in the shed on his allotment, painting miniatures for role-playing games. He's the sort of man who fantasises that he would come into his own in the event of a real crisis, but when the dead actually start rising up, he spends most of his time running around and shouting at people.

Shed Of The Dead is aiming squarely at the same comic territory as Shaun Of The Dead but lacks both that film's affability and its internal consistency. It doesn't really ave any ideas of its own but just runs through the usual zombies happen, lots of people get eaten schtick in the hopes that the characters will make us care. For the most part, they don't. Perhaps most disappointingly, the shed itself is underused, with a dearth of bizarre gardening accidents and tool-related terror. Seriously, if you're going to use a title like this, the least the audience deserves is a few suitably awful puns.”

-Eye For Film

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