"Everyone is being targeted for their sins" | The Church

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“Everyone is being targeted for their sins.

“The Church is a film from director Dom Frank. Already released in theatres, The Church is set to show at more retailers, in early August. The film stars: Bill Moseley (3 From Hell), Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede) and Clint Howard. In the film, a local holy site is slated for demolition. A pastor has mixed feelings about the destruction and so does the Holy Spirit. Now, everyone is being targeted for their sins.

The Church had its online debut earlier this month. This indie thriller also showed in theatres, this past July 16th. Now, the film is set to show in more DVD retailers this August 6th. There are plenty of opportunities to see the film, on home entertainment platforms, this Summer. And, fans of Moseley or of spiritual interventions can see what happens when you demolish a place of worship in a rundown suburb of Philadelphia.”

-28 Days Later Analysis

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