A Simple Promise

A Simple Promise


Marcus, a struggling young artist, meets the talented and undiscovered songstress, Madison

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Marcus, a struggling young artist, meets the talented and undiscovered songstress, Madison (MTV’s Layla Kayleigh) in an Atlanta diner one summer and the two of them forge a romance. They make a deal to help the other up the “ladder of success”, but when Madison gets her lucky break, both must face hard truths and contend with sacrifice that neither of them bargained. Through their faith and some hard lessons learned each finds a love that teaches them what success is really all about, how to be happy with who you are and to place your life in God’s hands.


Running Time: 98 minutes
Format: 1:85 Flat (35mm)
Sound: Dolby SR
Rating: R
Country: USA
Language: English
Website: www.asimplepromise.com
Genre: Urban Drama


Official Selection – La Femme Film Festival
Official Selection – San Diego Black Film Festival
Official Selection – Chicago Indie Film Festival

“Nice film with a soulful performance by Layla Kayleigh…”
Christopher Null, FilmCritic.com

“A Simple Promise is 100% a chick flick! If you don’t want a roller coaster ride of different emotions you better run before your sucked up like coffee in bounty paper towels.”
The Angry Princess, This Is Some Scene

“…a solid cast and a story that is both inspirational and heart-breaking at the same time. Any fan of drama and romance will enjoy this film. Layla Kayleigh is as talented as she is beautiful, she lights up the screen in every frame she is in. I highly recommend this film…”
Patrick Ricketts, Video Views

“A sweet and affecting love story about dreams deferred that delivers a very touching, if not somewhat overly verbose tale of remembering what’s important. There a couple of things that work in the favor of ‘A Simple Promise’ with the first being that it is a film with a great heart and second being that it is a film with an equally important message.”
Christopher Armsted, Film Critics United