Buckle Brothers

Buckle Brothers


BUCKLE BROTHERS is the true uplifting story of underprivileged teens given a rare opportunity.

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BUCKLE BROTHERS is the true uplifting story of underprivileged teens given a rare opportunity. Determined to teach inner city kids teamwork, honor and self-respect, 1 Champion Bull Rider opens an afternoon rodeo program. Follow the transformation of these young bull-riders from street kids to Urban Cowboys as they join the Summer Rodeo Circuit and turn adversity into self-triumph!


Runtime: 77 minutes
Format: 4X3 Full Frame (DBC)
Language: English
Sound: Dolby Sr.
Country: USA
Website: www.BuckleBrothers.com


• Official Selection — AFI fest
• Official Selection — Annapolis Film Fest
• Official Selection — Ohio Black Indie Film Fest
• Official Selection — San Diego Black Film Fest
• Official Selection — San Francisco Black Film Fest
• Official Selection — Cleveland Film Festival
• Official Selection — East Lansing Film Festival
• Official Selection — BHERC film Festival
• Official Selection — Noir Film Festival
• Official Selection — Pan African Film Fest
• Official Selection — Del Ray Beach

Although the stampede of history has obscured the fact, black cowboys were a huge part of the American West — and, as “Buckle Brothers” shows, still are… pic looks at current-day rodeo riders of inner-city Los Angeles in a way that should ensure exposure. “Buckle Brothers” has obvious affection for its subject and a compelling subject matter…
• John Anderson, Variety

Intriguing documentary that touches on an undiscovered culture in America – the Urban Cowboy. Not John Travolta, but real authentic cowboys like Charles Sampson and Bill Pickett who inspired this doc. Part Rocky, part Lean On Me, Buckle Brothers should find a solid audience between mid-westerners eager to learn about Rodeos and black audiences looking for something new. Solid project with likeable subjects….
• Hollywood Reporter

…the subject matter is so compelling and the kids grab at your heart in this inspiring piece of cinema. There’s some great characters here, Buckle Brothers would be a great title to rent it’s not only an entertaining film but it also sends a good message as well and that is always a good thing.
• Patrick Ricketts, Video Views