The Chosen One

The Chosen One


Lou Hanske’s having a hell of a day —

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Lou Hanske’s having a hell of a day — he’s lost his job, totaled his car, been attacked by a bear and dumped by his girlfriend Rachel (Laura Prepon – The 70’s Show). Just when it seems like life can’t get any worse, an eccentric church informs Lou that he’s “The Chosen One” – the savior from prophecy who must travel to Kansas and deliver the world into a new age. So, together with his cranky old roommate Zeb (Chris Sarandon – Princess Bride), his hot co-worker Donna (Danielle Fishel – Boy Meets World) and Lucifer himself (Tim Curry – Rocky Horror Picture Show), Lou must overcome Ninjas, Thugs, Femme Fatales (Traci Lords – Cry Baby), Religious Zealots (Lance Henriksen – Alien), Giant Monsters and a Posse of Kung Fu Robots to get the girl and… SAVE THE WORLD!


Running Time: 79 minutes
Format: 1:85 Flat (35mm), HD
Sound: Dolby SR
Rating: N/R
Language: English
Country: USA


Best Experimental Film – Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival
Official Selection – Newport Beach Film Festival
Official Selection – Seattle Fantasy Film Festival

…entertaining and goofy fun that is as addictive as it is crazy. Among all the big Hollywood animated film’s here lies this gem, fun and downright hilarious with a good message which makes this flick a winner and a must own.
• Video Views

The Chosen One is so thoroughly quotable, absurdly funny, and relentlessly imaginative that it deserves some sort of an indie award of its own. How about “most likely to become a cult classic”? How else to explain all the absurdly implausible scenarios that could have been constructed only with radical, riffing leaps of the imagination? Still, well-defined characters help to keep the film cohesive; even when circumstances are at their kookiest, nothing feels random.
• Ft. Lauderdale New Times

It’s a fun little film. The natural pace, clever script, wacky ideas and voice talent make me curious what Lackey and Fifer cook up next. The animation is more SOUTH PARK than Pixar, the comedy is more FUTURAMA than SOUTH PARK, and the heart is more SCRUBS than a heartless SCRUBS.
• Ain’t It Cool

…one of the best damn movies I’ve seen all year, animated or otherwise! In short: SEE THIS MOVIE! Sooner rather than later. Your life may depend on it. Okay, that was a lie, but you get the point. It should not be missed! To say I enjoyed this movie would be a huge freaking understatement. The sheer amount of glorious randomness had my head spinning, and the animation was sweet, even when it was crappy. That just added to the charm of the flick. From the very appropriate and excellent voice cast, to the inspired and hilarious writing (get ready for one-liner quote heaven, folks), to the just plain fun craziness of it all, everything about this one just worked for me. Milestone in animation? No. Killer comedy achievement? Yes. Best damn flick of the year? A big hell yeah! Here’s hoping this one gets a wide release, so more people can see it and love it.
• Dave Murray,

Lots of fun. Great talent, clever writing. I had a really good time with The Chosen One. I loved the story…if Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams made a film together this would be it. The animation is fun, it’s a cross between Esurance commercials and South Park. It’s So funny!
• Geek Radio Daily