After blowing a big time heist, thug-for-hire Law, must resume his day job as a shady San Francisco tour guide.

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After blowing a big time heist, thug-for-hire Law, must resume his day job as a shady San Francisco tour guide. Before he knows it, Law and his unsuspecting group of tourists are in a race against time to recover a tape that will rescue the politically unstable country of Uruvia. Filled with quirky characters, mad cap comedy and hard-hitting martial arts comes the most fun movie since Rumble in the Bronx!


Runtime: 110 minutes
Format: 1:85 Flat
Sound: Dolby SR
Rating: R
Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts
Language: English
Country: USA


Directed by: Eric Jacobus
Starring: Eric Jacobus, Dennis Ruel, Ed Kahana, Jr., Andy Leung, Tyler Wang, Ray Carbonel and Stephen Reedy


Winner — Comic Con’s Action Adventure Film Award 
Nominee — Best Action Choreography – Action on Film
Nominee — MTV’s Filmmaker Award
Nominee — Best Fight Scene – MTV Awards

The wacky warriors of the ninja fight fest UNDERCUT are at it again, with more hits, more kicks and more kung-fu craziness than ever before.
Ric Meyers, Inside Kung Fu

The premiere independent action studio. Dazzling…

Mark Pollard,

Eric Jacobus and his team have done a remarkable job creating a highly enjoyable action-comedy. It keeps the chuckles coming at a regular rate and produces a few laugh out loud moments. heavily influenced by the Hong Kong action films of the eighties, particularly the works of Sammo Hung, the choreography is intricate, crisp and performed at lightning fast speed. The fighting is fluid, varied, exciting and better than virtually anything to come out of Hong Kong in the last ten years. ‘Contour’ is a well paced, fun film where you can feel the filmmakers enthusiasm and energy coming through. I recommend you catch The Stunt People on their way up because they’re going to be big one day.
Mike Banner, Dragon’s Den

I can’t remember a Independent action film being this incredible in a very long time… the fights and camera work go where not even a big budget film has gone in some time. There’s some incredible fights here that are realistic and brutal. This movie is loaded and packed with zany characters and comedy as well as energetic fight scenes that are reminiscent of classic Kung Fu films. This is a must own for any Martial Arts fan or fan’s of action in general. Contour is one hell of a fun ride that never stops entertaining.
Patrick Ricketts,

The Stunt People are a pretty familiar name around most martial arts boards online. …film making with enthusiasm, a sense of humor, some pretty serious skills, and a willingness to sacrifice the body.

CONTOUR is impressively polished and well-directed. Shot in digital 24p, the film lends itself to a gritty yet vibrant look, enhanced by feverish cinematography and some wonderful San Francisco locations. The comedic performances and blistering action content were well worth the wait. Though not perfect, the film is dripping with energetic enthusiasm and is more than enough to make any aspiring stunt players pick up a camera and start kicking. 
Curt McCarter, Kung Fu Cinema

The action in this film is nothing short of amazing. It was made on a shoestring budget by an incredible group of tireless kung fu fanatics, and the quantity and quality of fight sequences they were able to put together here is truly astounding. Buy it now!
Mhat Bernstein, HK Flix.