Joseph thinks his ex is plotting against him with their mutual psychiatrist. On top of that, his dog is missing and he suspects the people at work might be behind it. Is someone “out to get” Joseph or is it all in his head?

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Joseph just broke up with his girlfriend and is not taking it very well. He thinks she is plotting against him with their mutual psychiatrist. On top of that, his dog is missing and he suspects the people at work might be behind it. Then there is the unshakable guilt over his past. It just might all be bearable, somehow possible to live through, if it weren’t for those damned ‘monsters’ that keep trying to kill him. Is someone “out to get” Joseph or is it all in his head.


Runtime: 84 minutes
Format: 1:85 flat
Sound: Dolby 2.0
Country: USA
Language: English
Website: www.IndicanPictures.com
Genre: Horror/Thriller


WINNER BEST DEBUT. – Vermont Film Festival
Official Selection – Austin Film Festival
Official Selection – NY Independent Film Festival
Official Selection – Fianders Film Festival

“Great lighting and camera work. Riveting and revolting. Clever juxtapositions highlight quietly strong acting…”
New Haven Advocate 

“…Fabled is a stylish endeavor that moodily evokes the downfall of its protagonist…”
LA Times

“ ‘Fabled’ offers some pleasures with its imaginative visual style and intense performances.”
Madison State Times

“…envokes a mix of Kill Bill and John Carpenter…”
Slant Magazine

“…beautifully composed images, Askew gives an energetic performance…”
New Orleans Times-Picayune 

“…sharp visual composition from first-time filmmaker Ari Kirschenbaum. It’s moody, atmospheric stuff. Check it out.”
Ain’t It Cool News

“Fabled” is an oh-so cool and hip, MTV-styled, glossy film…there’s a really clever and cool trick using narration and subtitles to provide subtext for the plot. Plus Desmond Askew is really excellent as the lead.”
File Thirteen

“… FABLED is an assured, sophisticated and confident debut. Beautifully photographed and directed with a strong hand. It’s nice to see a film where every scene has been clearly thought out, purposefully designed and meant to visually give us information…”
Films in Review

“Blends the traditions of Levant and the hip ness of MTV. Think Better Luck Tomorrow for the Horror fans.”
Independent Film

“…riveting material replete with jazzed images, portending growls and a Grimm’s fairytale-type little girl…”
Box Office Magazine

“Fabled is a surprisingly strong debut for writer/director Kirschenbaum, a psychotic trip into the mind of a man who is either going crazy, has the world plotting against him, or both… throws out all the tricks: moody lighting, an insistent soundtrack, weird camera lighting and everything else to create the paranoid, ominous world of Joseph Fable.”
Haro Online

“…writer/director Kirschenbaum does a good job of conveying Fable’s descent into madness.  Askew’s raw-nerved performance and the disorienting electronic score aid this project in no small measure…worth seeing.”
VideoScope Magazine

“…a thinking man’s film, a film that intentionally leaves the viewer to decide just what happens in the end and thats not a bad thing…will have you thinking about it days after you have seen it…”
Video Views

“Creatively shot and quite visually cool…”
DVD Talk

“The supporting cast, particularly Michael Panes as Doctor Roy Frumkes, is quite good.”
Cult Cuts Magazine

“…a virtuoso soundtrack…”

“…Ari Kirschenbaum is talented and ambitious…”
TV Guide

“…it is visually exciting and thought-provoking; a classy indie effort.”
Wildside Cinema

“…offbeat psychological thriller…”

“A movie for thinking and interpretation…”
Pop Syndicate

“ambitious blend of psychological thriller and allegory…

“…Desmond Askew…brings a definite intensity to his performance.”