Cute, charming hustler Nick Blake owes $50,000 to local crime lord Foster Wright and has no way to pay off the debt…

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Cute, charming hustler Nick Blake (Matthew Rhys — ABC’s Brothers and Sisters, Elizabeth) owes $50,000 to local crime lord Foster Wright (Art Malik – True Lies, Living Daylights) and has no way to pay off the debt… Until he stumbles across a mythical lost sketch by the renowned artist Fraccini. Except Nick doesn’t own it so a plan is hatched; to forge the drawing and sell it to five art galleries within an hour before anyone cottons onto the fact there’s a scam going down. Also starring Kate Ashfield (‘Shaun of the Dead’).


Runtime: 85 minutes
Format: 2:35 Scope (35MM, DVD)
Sound: Dolby Digital/5.1
Rating: R
Genre: Action, Romance, Comedy
Language: English
Country: England


Directed by: Richard Janes
Starring: Matthew RhysArt MalikTom ChambersKate Ashfield & Rula Lenska


Official Selection — Wisconsin Film Festival

…rollicking little comedy caper…
Jamie Russell, BBC

A jolly, high tempo romp through the underworld of London’s gangs and art world. This snappy production… coupling the excitement of a heist movie with the charm of an affable British cast.
Ruth Hedges, The List

From the animated credits – a homage to The Pink Panther’s opening sequence – through to a cheeky Smart car chase that honors The Italian Job, Jane’s aesthetic is cheerfully retro – an impression reinforced by Malik’s imperious villain and an absence of explicit violence…Fakers is swiftly paced, energetically executed…
John Fortgang, Channel 4

Matthew Rhys is an engaging leading man and Malik makes a suitably menacing villain.
Andy Dougan,London Evening Times

…there are moments that are genuinely hilarious, suspenseful and dramatic…
Rich Cline, Shadows on the Wall

Classy British caper flick…funny script, multiple twists and if that’s not enough for you it stars Kate Ashfield from SHAUN OF THE DEAD.
Film of the Week NUTS

The performances are sharp and giddy enough to repeatedly win us over; it’s obvious the cast is having a ball with the material, and their mood is infectious. Director Richard Janes keeps everything moving at a healthy clip, lending a jazzy, freewheeling style to the tale. The story itself is too shallow, but as cotton candy entertainment, it tastes pretty sweet…
David Cornelius, DVDTalk.com

…the performances are uniformly good… Rhys is a likeable motormouth. Like the rash of similar British offerings, it all gets a little too complicated for its own good yet Fakers is nearer the real thing than a lot of the competition…
Tim Evans, Sky Movies

Nicely-made British art caper film Fakers features engaging performances by Matthew Rhys and Kate Ashfield. Modest but enjoyable.
Sunday Mirror

smooth, slick, fast-moving… Thomas Crown Affair meets the 21st Century!
Front Magazine