Gone Doggy Gone

Gone Doggy Gone


The HARMONS seem like the perfect couple – They work hard, play hard, but have no time for kids – except their Teacup Yorkie, LAILA.

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The HARMONS seem like the perfect couple – They work hard, play hard, but have no time for kids – except their Teacup Yorkie, LAILA. She is their pride and joy. They only trust their baby to one person – Jill, their socially awkward, lonely dog-sitter. But when Jill learns the Harmons are moving and taking her only friend with them – she kidnaps Laila kick-starting an outlandish cat-and-mouse adventure as the Harmons enlist a slick P.I., take off in hot pursuit through the desert of New Mexico, pop into a love commune, confront a gun-wielding loan shark and conquer their fear of parenthood all in this madcap adventure!


Runtime: 89 minutes
Format: 1:78
Sound: Dolby Sr.
Country: USA
Language: English


Directed by: Kasi Brown and Brandon Walter
Starring: Shaina VorspanKasi BrownRichard RiehleBrandon WalterKate ConnorJeff Sloniker


Best Feature – Offshoot Film Festival
Best Actress – Offshoot Film Festival
Big Daddy Award For Comedy Feature – Edmonton International Film Festival
Fiercely Independent Feature Award – Edmonton International Film Festival
Audience Favorite – First Glance Film Fest
Best of Fest – First Glance Film Fest
Best Feature – Good Dog International Film Festival
Audience Award – Julien Dubuque International Film Festival
Spirit of Independents – Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Best Comedy – Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
Best Feature – AMFM Fest
Official Selection – Nappa Valley Film Festival
Official Selection – Tallgrass International Film Festival
Official Selection – Santa Fe Independent Film Festival
Official Selection – San Diego Film Festival
Official Selection – Dances With Films
Official Selection – Lighthouse International Film Festival
Official Selection – Santa Cruz Film Festival

“This movie is just so pleasantly goofy in all the right ways…” -HKfilmnews

“…a lighthearted, funny film…” -SheScribes.com

“…has all the flavor of a Christopher Guest film…” – ABC

“…plenty of laughs along the way…” -Hollywood Reporter

“…laugh-out-loud funny!” -DVD & Blu-Ray Release Report 

“‘Gone Doggy Gone’ serves up ripe humor…” -LA Times

“It proves that Brown and Walter are talented comedic writers who aren’t afraid to get more than a little absurd for a laugh.” -Lawrence.com

“…Best Actress, Best Feature…and…Best Comedy.” – Get News

“The film’s sweetness, its story line, and the script’s cartoony characters recall Raising Arizona” -OCWeekly

“A complex character-driven comedy…rivals anything in Office Space…not to be missed.”
-Reel Reviews 

“…a madcap blend of social satire.” – Village Voice

“This level of success makes us feel like we are on the right path in our lives.”

“What “Gone Doggy Gone” has going for it is solid banter writing and some crisp, engaging characterizations and acting.” – Shockya

“…fantastic comedic timing…” – Digital Journal

“This is the comedy surprise of the year.” – San Diego Reader

“…brilliant satire…” FOX

“It’s sweet yet edgy, sexy without being raunchy (though it comes really close) and most importantly, strikes an emotional chord.” – The Idle Class

“All the characters are well-written, and well-conceived.” – Examiner.com

“…doggone winning performance…” -Before It’s News

“It’s a satisfyingly heartwarming ride.” – Fanboy Comics

“The laughs per minute ratio is quite high in this one, with the cleverly written dialogue outshining many of the visual gags.” – Film Pulse

“…hilarious new comedy…” – KTVN