Hot Water

Hot Water


The Uranium Industry’s Dirty Little Secret!

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Filmmaker Liz Rogers and director Kevin Flint go to South Dakota following a story on Uranium contamination only to discover that the problem flows much farther than they imagined. Our nuclear legacy began with Uranium. From ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy’ to ‘Duck and Cover’ we believed it was safe to eat, drink and breathe in the shadow of the Atomic Bomb. The subsequent health and environmental damage will take generations, and in some cases thousands of years to heal. Our groundwater, wells, drinking water, air and soil are contaminated with some of the most toxic heavy metals known to man – and yet we still have no firm plan in place for the storage of tons of nuclear materials we produce every year.


Running Time: 80 minutes
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Documentary



Opening Night, Washington D.C. Environmental Film Festival
Take 2 Documentary Film Festival

“Our nuclear chickens are coming home to roost”
-EPOCH Times

“certainly well-timed.”
-The Hollywood Reporter 

“Expertly explored”
-LA Times 

“Residents of Flint, Michigan, are suing over dangerous lead levels in their tap water…”
-The Huffington Post 

“…if you drink the water over a period of time, you can get cancer.” – KQED News

“…an environmental health disaster unfolding slowly over decades”
-CBS News 

“Mandatory but infuriating viewing.”
-LA Weekly

“The ability to split the atom also legitimatized a nuclear industry which poisons our land and our water as shown in the new documentary film Hot Water, produced by Liz Rogers and Elizabeth Kucinich, which will be released late 2014″
– Dennis J. Kucinich, Huffington Post

“This powerful film shows just how much environmental and human damage is created by mining uranium that is used to operate nuclear power plants. If the manmade disaster at Fukushima Daiichi was not enough to convince you, Liz Rogers’ film proves that nuclear power is anything but ‘clean’ and ‘environmentally friendly'”
-Arnie Gunderson, Nuclear Engineer- Fairewinds Energy Education 

“Liz Rogers’ Hot Water takes us through the lives of those affected by the insidious western uranium industry. Prepare to learn, get angry, and take up the call to action. A must see!”
-E.W. Stentson III, Governor’s Council on Energy and the Environment; President’s Advisory Committee on the Arts

“Liz Rogers passionately tells one of the most important stories of our time in this heartfelt, hard-hitting film. Everyone who cares about the future of our planet should see this.”
-Shyla Nelson, founder, One Earth- One Voice

“The film could not come at a better time for Virginia as its citizens and elected representatives attempt to determine whether or not the 1982 moratorium on uranium mining should be lifted or maintained.”
-Daniel Carawan, The Examiner

“well-regarded documentary”
-The Washington Post