Off the coast of Maine, families have lived and worked the sea for generations..

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Off the coast of Maine, families have lived and worked the sea for generations. Everyone knows each other. Birthright is akin to law and men inherit their fishing territories. Eben Cole (Thomas Hildreth) continues his family’s legacy of harvesting lobsters, but after causing a tragic accident at sea, Eben loses everything. After serving five years in prison he returns determined to win back the way of life he fought so hard to protect. Only now he is an outcast, his ex-wife Cheryl (Amy Jo Johnson – CBS Flash Point, Felicity, Power Rangers) wants nothing to do with him and fisherman see him as a harbinger of bad luck. Only Popper (Philip Baker Hall – Boogie Nights), an old, weathered and gruff fisherman gives Eben a chance to become an Islander again…


Running Time: 100 minutes
Format: 1:85 Scope (35mm)
Sound: Dolby Digital
Rating: R
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Country: USA


Best Feature — Sedona Film Festival
Official Selection
 — Los Angeles Film Festival
Official Selection — Maine International Film Festival
Official Selection — Environmental Film Festival
Official Selection — Williamstown Film Festival
Official Selection — Hatch Film Festival
Official Selection — Martha’s Vineyard Int’l Film Festival

“An effective and graceful portrait of courage…an intelligent and compelling drama.”
Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

“Islander is an exemplary, unembellished portrayal of an ever fascinating and little known American Community. Islander is the very best I’ve seen.”
Marty Meltz, Portland Press Herald

“Markedly superior to current Hollywood fare… Beautifully cast and well-scripted… photography is…so breathtaking”
James Verniere, Boston Herald

“One of Philip Baker Hall’s finest moments…”.
LA Weekly

“A Powerfully atmospheric sense of place engulfs Islander…poignant.”

“A noble entry into the real world of timeless and truly independent American cinema..The resulting captured reality is vividly successful for its verite quality and documentary like texture…”
Ted Fry, Seattle Times

“…very straightforward, honest, and therefore refreshing drama with strong performances…”
Michael Brunk, Past the Popcorn

“Warm and Heartfelt.”
Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

“Breathtaking…visual poetry. The best outdoor photography filmed on the sea.”
Dave MontalbanoDeerfield Observer

“…a rare drama that is not normally seen on the big screen anymore…breathtaking cinematography. Islander contains performances of conviction. Of note is Amy Jo Johnson…” 

“An Authentic glimpse inside a commercial fishing community… captures the spirit of hard-working people.”
Laura Kelly, Sun-Sentinel

“Two thumbs up!”
Steven Hedlund, Seafood Show Daily

“An interesting look at the lives of small-town fisherman.”
Connie Ogle, Miami Herald

“breathtaking cinematography… It may well become a home library classic”
Laurel Brauns, The Wire

“It’s amazing how much some solid writing and great performances can lift a film. Islander is an engrossing study of both a fascinating character and a rarely seen way of life.”
Jeremy Matthews,