Ki-Kids: Astronauts & Medicos

Ki-Kids: Astronauts & Medicos


In the current episodes, children learn about Astronauts and Doctors.

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Ki-Kids is a fun and educational animated series in which preschool children discover different professions and important values while learning how to be bilingual! In the current episodes, children learn about Astronauts and Doctors. In episode one, our characters learn to be patient, to put themselves in others’ shoes, to overcome their fear of visiting the doctor’s office and to understand what a doctor does. They realize the importance of cooperating, of being a good friend, and to understand the feelings of others.

In episode two the children learn as Astronauts share their knowledge of space, the spirit of adventure and science. Exercises teach them how to spark their imaginations through discovery while learning the importance of being brave and in working together with people of different races and cultures. The Ki-Kids also meet a new friend who shows them that only by respecting others will they be respected.


Runtime: 98 minutes
Format: 4×3 Full Frame
Sound: Dolby SR
Rating: G
Genre: Family, Learning, Foreign
Language: English, Spanish
Country: USA/SPAIN


Created by: Roser Pujol-Gaja
Starring: Kio, Ana Casas Nogué-Debat, Kia, Lucy Beckwith, Pekas, Marta Estrada, Kate, Hiroko Hayata, Denzel, Randolph Kret, Kukie, Mark Fernandez, Maria Jesús Martínez and Mr. K (Pau Derqui)


“In today’s times it’s never a bad thing to have entertainment for the kids around that is both fun to watch and educational at the same time. Ki-Kids is one such DVD and is a must for anyone that has little ones around the house. This group of English Spanish bilingual kids is sure to not only catch the hearts of your children but also their minds, teaching them another language they will have for the rest of their lives and making them better for it. The music is catchy and fun to listen to, the kids will be singing along to this time after time. As a parent myself I wish this was around when my girl was little, it is a great tool as well as a ton of fun for kids…heck I enjoyed it myself.”
Patrick Ricketts, Video Views

“An excellent teaching tool. It provides early stimulation and at the same time it fosters several cognitive skills, especially bilingualism which is important for today’s children.”
Denise Marmelstein, Children Specialist, Harvard University