Lime Salted Love

Lime Salted Love


It all starts with Chase, a handsome, damaged stud running from a dark past finding attention and affection at any expense..

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It all starts with Chase, a handsome, damaged stud running from a dark past finding attention and affection at any expense. Starting with his brother’s lonely, sensual wife Isabella (Kate del Castillo – “Under the Same Moon”) and ending with the fractured, innocent Ellie. Only Chase gets more then he bargained for when the provocative, sensual Zephyr (Kristanna Loken – “Terminator 3”, “BloodRayne”) challenges him for the affections of Ellie. Witness the smoldering cauldron of emotions that these three stir up as the sheer human need for connection drives them to do wicked, wicked things. The film also features terrific turns by vets Kathleen Kinmont (“Renegade”) and Billy Drago(“Untouchables”).


Running Time: 92 minutes
Format: 1:85
Sound: Stereo
Rating: R
Genre: Drama, Sexy, Thriller
Language: English
Country: USA


Best Director — NY Independent Film Festival
Best Film — NY Independent Film Festival
Official Selection — Femme Film Festival
Best Film — Monaco International Film Festival

“Emotionally wrenching and visually surreal is a fitting place to start with Lime Salted Love. Wearing her emotions on her figurative sleeve, Agnello radiates need and ache like a cracked porcelain doll. If one were to compare her performance, Jennifer Connelly in House of Sand and Fog would be apt. On the flip side, well known for her work in Terminator 3, Blood Rayne and the TV series Painkiller Jane, Kristanna Loken brings an emotional intimacy never seen from her before. Maintaining a wonderful inner poise and strength, Loken lights up the screen. Like an Eric Rohmer film, the characters are aware of the consequences of their actions, yet push forward and accept them as the price to pay for numbing their own pain.”
IFQ Magazine

“Sexy, smoldering film with strong performances from Kristanna Loken, Joe Hall and newcomer Danielle Agnello. Reminds of best of David Lynch – Wild Palms, Blue Velvet and his oddball sensual repertoire.”
Film Threat

“This film is the definition of an Independent Arthouse film (a dying experience in the U.S. unless you count the new mumblecore movement), but if you give the film a chance you are going to be rewarded in the end. The story delves into the psyche of the characters, it takes a disturbing, yet raw look at their lives. This is a film you can’t look away from and one that through all it’s sad moments leaves you with hope in the end.”
Patrick Ricketts, Video Views