Mr. Average

Mr. Average


In a delightful mix of the smartness of ‘The Truman Show’ with the slapstick laughs of ‘Knocked Up’ comes — Mr Average. 

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In a delightful mix of the smartness of ‘The Truman Show’ with the slapstick laughs of ‘Knocked Up’ comes — Mr Average. With the polls tightening the incumbent president (Thierry Lhermitte) hires a marketing company to help him win his re-election. Unsure of what to do, the marketing company picks the winner of the latest TV sensation as their guy. Problem is – he doesn’t know it. So they start following this hot game show winner and bumbling idiot Jalil (Khalid Maadour), helping him get a plush apartment, providing him with a va-va-voom girlfriend, Claire (Caroline Dhavernas) and watch as the sparks fly! But what happens is that this Mr. Average becomes Mr. Stud with all the hilarious consequences


Running Time: 90 minutes
Format: 1:78 Anamorphic
Sound: Dolby SR
Rating: Pending
Genre: Comedy, Foreign
Language: French
Country: France


Directed by: Pierre-Paul Renders
Starring: Khalid Maadour, Thierry Lhermitte, Caroline Dhavernas and Gilbert Melki


Best Director —  Moscow Film Festival
Official Selection — Seoul Film Festival
Official Selection — Palm Springs Film Festival
Official Selection — Taipei International Film Festival
Official Selection — Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
Official Selection — Kolkata Film Festival

“Wacky comedy with the elastic faced Khalid Maadour…Caroline Dhavernas is on track to be the next French actress to become an American star….”

“In the sassy tones of a deceptively simple comedy, he examines the pressure exerted on contemporary life by the media (television, publications, advertising), and the power it has to reduce us all to statistics. …in a deliriously screwball fashion, in a style reminiscent of Lubitsch… make the parody all the more tasty.”

“Mr Average seemed quite like Knocked Up, where along comes va-va-voom Claire (a very beautiful Caroline Dhavernas, who reminds me of Claire Forlani) to fall in love with an average joe. The film explores the power of opinions, how dominant ones tend to influence those on the fringes to swing votes in their favour. Mr Average…certainly does have his share of moments…”
A Nutshell Review

“Caroline Dhavernas is radiant in this screwball comedy… she brings grace and wit to an
Adam Sandler style comedy exploring our fascination with TV. The other supporting players are well cast in this brisk comedy…
Film Kritic

“…visually striking, uproarious comedy with a likeable cast…”
Pietro Signelli, Cinema Zone