The true story of one man’s journey into the violent and unforgiving underbelly of skinheads.

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Inspired by real events, Pariah tells the story of an interracial couple attacked by Neo-Nazi Skinheads and the scarring effect the attack has on their lives. Although the physical bruises heal, the emotional wounds remain raw. Steve abandons his former life to exact revenge by embarking on a journey into an underground world where loyalty is decided by the color of your skin, pain is part of growing up and violence and mayhem rule.


Runtime: 97 minutes
Format: 1:78 Flat (35 MM)
Sound: Dolby Sr.
Country: USA
Language: English


Directed by: Randolph Kret
Starring: Damon Jones, Dave Oren Ward, Aimee Chaffin, Angela Jones, Anna Padgett, Dan Weene, David Lee Wilson, Jason Posey, Chris Jarecki & Elexa Williams.


Official Selection — Slamdance Film Festival
Nominee, Best Feature — Hollywood Film Festival
Official Selection — Stockholm Film Festival
Nominee, Best Feature — Golden Calf Fest.
Official Selection — Cannes* Film Festival
Official Selection — Austria Film Festival
Official Selection — Helsinki Film Festival
Official Selection — Barcelona Film Festival
Official Selection — Buenos Aires Film Festival
Official Selection — San Francisco Independent Film Festival
* Slamdance Cannes Festival offshoot

“Pariah is a movie I’d like to show to those admirers of ‘Fight Club’ who have assured me of their movies greatness. This is the real thing!”
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

“Randolph Kret’s raw, explosive ‘Pariah’ is a volatile picture of strong visceral impact. There’s no doubting the ability of Kret and his go-for-broke cameraman in working up the audience and drawing persuasive performances.”
Kevin Thomas, L.A. Times

“Intensely confrontational, leaving you frightened, stunned, and questioning the future of America’s youth.”
Detour Magazine

“Director Randolph Kret frames his scenes to maximum effect. Not a hack director, but a distinct new voice. The actors are uniformly wonderful!”
Arizona Republic

“A charged, wild movie that bores into the world of rampaging, rootless skinheads. A miracle…!”
The Advocate

“…the ultimate handheld low-budget film you could make. Dave Oren Ward is a notable up and coming actor…”
Paper Magazine

“Smart. Clean. Raw. What an Indie film should be. Kret’s camera usage and writing ability prove he is a director to follow. ”
MovieMaker Magazine

The acting is great all around… Look for former TSOL lead singer Joe Wood in a rather impressive cameo…”
Denis Sheehan, Askew Reviews

“Kret’s film is a wake up call to a generation and his message is a powerful one. The cast of this film is absolutely remarkable. Damon Jones shows a raw energy that many actors can’t seem to summon these days and his performance seems nothing less than powerful. His initial reaction to hearing about his girlfriend’s suicide is one of the most affecting scenes I have ever seen in a film.”
Brian Matherly,

“… a powerful piece of cinema that pulls all the right punches. The editing and cinematography of film style is fresh. To be able to make a film as disturbing as AMERICAN HISTORY X without the preaching is impressive for a veteran director. To have it successfully portrayed and executed by a first time director is a marvel. Highly Recommended!”
Mark Engle, Cult Cuts Magazine

“Pariah should be commended. It’s not every film or filmmaker that would take on the subject of Nazi skinheads with such an unblinking eye toward realism and authenticity. Clearly, writer/director Randolph Kret knows his material… As an artist, he clearly has the chops. As a sketcher of subcultures, he’s more or less dead on.”
Bill Gibron, DVD