Street Poet

Street Poet


In cities around the country men and women go to war each night without bloodshed. Through Slams, Tagging and their Music these gifted warriors battle it out.

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In cities around the country men and women go to war each night without bloodshed. Through Slams, Tagging and their Music these gifted warriors battle it out. JAKE THOMPSON thinks he’s found his way off the streets, but instead Jake quickly falls into a violent tug of war between his new love, the streets and his arch rival, who intends to destroy him.


Runtime: 88 minutes
Format: 1:85
Sound: Ultra Stereo
Rating: R
Genre: Drama, Urban
Language: English
Country: USA


Directed by: E. Paul Edwards
Starring: C. Thomas Howell, Marissa Sullivan, Fred Williamson, Jeff Stearns, Tara D’Agostino, Fred Willard, Edward Albert, & Michael Parks.


Winner, Best Director — Carolina Film Festival
Official Selection — Method Fest

“A loquacious recasting of the underdog Rocky tale set against a fresh, contemporary backdrop, Street Poet is about one man’s quest to locate the requisite courage and discipline to match his passion”
Brent Simon, LA Film Critics Association

“An engrossing tale about the surprisingly cutthroat world of competitive poetry. Edwards brings alive this special world of competitive poetry along with creating unapologetically intelligent key characters. The stars are solidly supported by C. Thomas Howell as Jake’s ferociously unscrupulous rival; Williamson as Gabriel, Jake’s no-nonsense mentor; Michael Parks as one of Gabriel’s regular customers, unscrupulous behind a garrulous old codger facade; Albert as Marni’s overly prissy boss; and Fred Willard as the witty, energetic host of an important poetry slam. Edwards proves a skilled writer of depth and ingenuity — e.g., he punctuates the progress of Jake and Marni’s story with apt recitations by actual poets of their work — and his unpretentious style builds to a climactic sequence of deeply involving suspense.
Kevin Thomas, LA Times

“…exciting and innovative… Brimming with the same passion for wordplay, expression and connectivity that its characters display, Street Poet features fine work from a diverse cast…”
Cinema Art Magazine

“…a treasure. Solid film marking the resurgence of C. Thomas Howell…”
Digital Pimp

“…the poetry in the film is actually pretty good, the best being a bit from Howell…
C. Null,

“E. Paul Edwards’ film about the competitive world of L.A. slam poetry is a complicated blend of decadence and working-man woes… the film reaches its emotional peaks through Edwards’ ability to punctuate a conventional script with documentary-style performances by real slam poets whose own words illuminate the subtleties of the script and action.”
KJ, Raleigh Independent Weekly

“A powerful film both in its poetic work and the tour de force acting. A romantic drama set against the backdrop of slam poetry competitions that allows Writer/director Paul Edwards to really bring out the best in his cast. C.Thomas Howell is brilliant as the successful and very nasty street poet and I think Fighting Words will appeal to many people including those that love poetry, but also those who just want a good love story. I suggest you pick this title up today, it’s worth a watch.”
Patrick Ricketts, Video Views

“I thought I was going to be bored stiff, but the film was actually pretty good. Poetry to me is like music… the words envelope around me and make me feel intense yet focused. Some people have a hard time showing their feelings but their way of getting it all out is writing it down. Writing it makes it almost seem to seep out of your finger tips onto the lined paper before you. Watching the poetry scenes you will see how some people just have an incredible knack for projecting their words onto the wishers of the crowd. The film has enough twists to keep it interesting, some great character actors in various roles and just enough poetry to make it click.”
Angry Princess, This is some Scene

“With a cast of young, up-and-coming Hollywood talents, Edwards’ film surprises audiences through the actors’ ability to perform slam poetry – where poets speak their work in creative styles – just as naturally as actual slam poets would. Younger people like a movie that is passionate and intense, and that’s what this is…”
The Daily Tarheel