White Rainbow

White Rainbow


Inspired by true events is the story of Priya (Sonali Kulkarni – Bride & Prejudice), a beautiful, affluent young woman suddenly widowed and left to fate.

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Inspired by true events is the story of Priya (Sonali Kulkarni – Bride & Prejudice), a beautiful, affluent young woman suddenly widowed and left to fate. Alone in a land of extreme contrasts, she seeks peace in the “City of Widows”, but instead of finding solace, Priya finds a cruel world filled with brutality. Despondent, she meets three remarkable women and together they embark on a journey of empowerment as they fight for the rights of the widows of India in this ultimately hopeful and uplifting story.


Runtime: 94 minutes
Format: 1:85 (35MM)
Sound: Dolby SR
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama, Foreign
Language: English, Hindii
Country: USA & INDIA
Website: http://www.WhiteRainbow.com


Directed by: Dharan Mandrayar
Starring: Sonali Kulkarni, Amardeep Jha, Amruta Subhash, Shameem Shaikh


Winner Best Director — Reel Women International Film Festival
Winner Best Feature — Sedona International Film Festival
Official Selection — Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Official Selection — Mill Valley Film Festival

Rating **** – Excellent
Powerful portrayals mark this film that brings to light the plight of widows in India…the film’s success is because of the film’s perfect cast. Though it is depressive at times, the director is able to bring out the harsh reality of how a widow is denied every form of dignity that she knew as a wife and mother…
The Deccan Chronicle

“Making a film on the plight of widows in a part of our country calls for strong conviction. Creator Dharan Mandrayar and Prabhu Movies have it in plenty. All four women play their parts with sincerity and feeling. “White Rainbow’ gives the clarion call. It is up to society to set the ball of redress rolling.”
The Hindu

“The film is a shocking revelation on the plight of the widows in Vrindavan, literally meaning heaven. However, in practical terms, the city is a hell where the widows are subjected to all sorts of pains. Director Dharan Mandrayar, nephew of late Sivaji Ganesan should be applauded for the brave and sincere efforts. He has tried to portray the pathetic conditions of widowhood without restoring to stereotypes and dramatic sequences…Sonali Kulkarni as Priya has handled the role with stunning maturity. She has proved her versatility once again.”
Hindi Song

“The actors do their bit convincingly and the movie brings out the pathos and exploitation in their lives without any vulgarity. Mandrayar’s aim is clearly to inform and educate and not titillate his audiences and that’s one of the reasons this film touches your heart. A simple narrative that makes you sit up and think, coupled with some stellar performances, makes this movie worthwhile.”
Economic Times

“Amrutha Subhash as young Deepti is telling, especially in her expressions when she stands helpless and resigned to her fate. Sometimes young and bubbly at other times scared and scarred. She is a promising actress to look out for. Shameem Sheikh in the role of the quiet Mala plays her part with sensitivity. An unusual theme has been tackled well and the new faces gave the story more credibility.”

” The acting is perfect, all the women give very realistic performances and you can really feel for them. A truly inspiring film that is a must-see.” ***** Out Of *****
Patrick Ricketts, Video Views

“I cried my eyes out learning of all the pressures that were placed upon these women, they were treated like they were the ones guilty of killing their husbands, they were outcasts like lepers were in the old days. A white rainbow is devoid of all color, and all joy…luckily the filmmaker handles the material well and leaves us with an insight into happiness.”
The Angry Princess, This Is Some Scene