"Stellar Effort..." | 8 Minutes Ahead

“Strong storyline, coupled with the solid performances…”

Before Crazy Rich Asians stormed movie theatres this past year and generated $174.5 million in ticket sales there was Canadian filmmaker Ben Hoskyn’s similarly themed indie film — with a script by himself, Allan Mackey, Nick Dolinski and Nate Estabrooks — titled 8 Minutes Ahead.   

It played the festival circuit (Whistler Film Festival, Ocan Film Festival, etc.) during late 2017 and early 2018 and would have gone largely unnoticed if not for the stellar efforts and watchful eye of Indican Pictures.   They will be bringing it to the domestic market on Jan. 22 with a DVD push.

While Crazy Rich Asians took the comedy pathway about tradition and family internecine conflicts, Hoskyn’s 8 Minutes Ahead takes a harder edge approach.   Based on his own experiences in Hong Kong, Hoskyn began formulating the idea of a rich Asian patriarch — in his finals days — and the conflict created when an “outsider” is suddenly introduced to the family business and social mix.  

While this idea matured and developed, he learned the craft of filmmaking by becoming a camera operator and cinematographer … ten long years of episodic television, documentaries, short films and then writing and directing (8 Minutes Ahead is his debut).

This technical expertise has paid off as 8 Minutes Ahead belies its indie production budget.   You would never guess that it took four long years to get the project off the ground and completed.  The strong storyline, coupled with the solid performances from a largely unknown cast and the crispness in its execution all combine to make this one of the New Year’s early must-see home entertainment entries.  

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