"Suspense, mystery with a point of intensity..." | West Of Redemption

Suspense, mystery with a point of intensity of which nightmares are made!

- DVD & Blu-Ray Release Report

“In other new-to-DVD release news from Indican Pictures this past week, director Cornelia Duryée’s (aka: Cornelia Moore) intense mystery/thriller, West of Redemption, will be making its debut on Jan. 29.

This is one of those head-scratchers.  West of Redemption was produced back in 2015 and then proceeded to work the festival circuit throughout the balance of year, winning the Best Feature award at the Jefferson State FlixxFest and Best Dramatic Direction at Eugene Film Festival (among others) and then suddenly disappeared.   Fortunately, Indican Pictures got wind of this indie gem and is now bringing it to the home entertainment marketplace.

The story takes place in 1989, where we are introduced to Hank Keller (Billy Zane) and his much younger wife, Becky (Mariana Klaveno — best known to audiences as Lorena Krasiki of the True Blood television series), who live on a remote farm near the sleepy town of Redemption (filming took place in and around Spokane, Washington).

A seemingly uneventful evening takes on ominous tones during a much needed rain shower when a knock on the door finds a young man (Kevin Alejandro — as Dan Espinoza in the Lucifer television series and Jesus Velasquez in the True Blood series), soaked and in need of a tow truck (he says).   Hank lets him use the phone and then upon hearing him relay his name, “Richard Youngblood,” to the tow truck driver on the other end of the line he waits … he waits for the call to be finished and then beats him senseless with the phone. The young man is tied up and “interrogated” by Hank … we come to learn that he was once Becky’s lover.  

Has he retuned by accident?  Did his car really run off of the road and require a tow?   Or, is he there to reclaim “what is his?” Filmmaker Cornelia Duryée’s West of Redemption ratchets up the tension, the suspense — and the mystery — to the point of intensity of which nightmares are made!!!”

- DVD & Blu-Ray Release Report