“Hallucinatory study of the complexity of evil” | Made Me Do It


““Hallucinatory study of the complexity of evil”

“A hallucinatory study of the complexity of evil, and the unseen places where it can reside, in the arms of a guardian. Thomas is a boy destroyed by those who would have protected him, and rebuilt by what would use him to do its will behind the embrace of love. Once inhabited, Death walks on human legs, and Boy Woof finds his place as the vehicle of an unstoppable destructive force. When the orbit of his vengeance intersects with the return of a schoolmate and her brother, a war of guilt and innocence is played out under psychokinetic imprisonment and the keen edge of an axe. The performance of Van Vonderen raises this production beyond the reach of fledgling horror, his masterful depiction of the subtlety of damage coupled with an physical unpredictability makes him a force to be reckoned with. Koppin's gymnastic technique boasts an electrifying grasp of the inner space of depravity itself. Shifting through childlike animation, color value, speed, then headlong into the intensity of Thomas's memory without warning, the director evokes experimental cinema absent from the comfortable, photocopied safety of modern offerings. Made Me Do It is a surprising foray into an overplayed genre, well worth a serious watch and re-watch, and stands as the beginning of a promising career.”


Indican Pictures