"embracing its villain and telling his story" | Made Me Do It


“embracing its villain and telling his story”

“The slasher film has long been a tired subgenre of horror. Classics like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare on Elm Street have influenced countless filmmakers and stories over the years. Yet, the glory days of slashers is long gone. That’s not to say that the subgenre has nothing left to offer but standout titles are few and far between. Therefore, it’s refreshing to see a stereotypical slasher plot that provides some intriguing ideas in addition to what viewers expect. Benjamin Ironside Koppin’s film, Made Me Do It, recently saw release on video-on-demand platforms and, luckily, it stands above some of its slasher contemporaries.

The film sees college student Ali Hooper (Anna B. Shaffer) return to her family home to care for her injured younger brother, Nick (Jason Gregory London), while their parents are away and at odds. The family turmoil extends to seemingly all members of the Hooper clan as Ali and Nick tend not to see eye to eye either. Soon, a masked madman named Thomas (Kyle Van Vonderen) appears to stalk Ali, Nick, and Ali’s former crush, Jason (Liston Spence). As the film continues, we learn more about Thomas and his secrets as his prey tries to survive the night.”

-Cinema Smack

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