“Wronged quickly becomes an eye-for-an-eye revenge thriller” | Wronged

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Wronged quickly becomes an eye-for-an-eye revenge thriller””

“One thread of the story finds an aging actor by the name of Valery (Yuri Stoyanov) waiting out his final days (a terminal illness) in a Moscow hospital.  What a dreary way to die, so he takes it on the lamb, but ends up being kidnapped by a fellow named Arto (Rustam Akhmadeyev) and his cadre of misfits.   Famous actor equals money … but he’s dying, talk about a kidnapping not thought completely through.

Tangent to this is Valery’s son, Ilya (Oleg Dolin), who is literally obsessed with his former girlfriend, a popular singer, who is now involved with a wheel-dealer businessman by the name of Anton (Alexey Serebryakov) … he must have her back!   So stalk her he does.

The last thread of this wonderful tale involves a teenage girl by the name of Kcenia (Lubov Aksenova) and her stepsister, Lera (Anastasia Shalonko), who is on a mission to find her biological father … teenage girls on the streets of Moscow, how can that possibly to be a problem?

The cloth of the story is stitched together by filmmaker O’Reilly — with the city of Moscow as its star — weaving this way and that, but in the end making connections, sometimes in most unusual ways.

Moscow Never Sleeps is presented in Russian with English subtitles”

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