“Absolutely Terrifying" | Perfect Skin


“Absolutely terrifying”

“Who hasn’t thought about getting a tattoo before? The idea of permanently inking something on your body is tempting to some and revolting to others. Some may find the act horrific, while others may find it beautiful. Those opposing points of view make Kevin Chicken’s feature directorial debut, Perfect Skin, all the more fascinating for viewers as it delves into the potential horrors of body modification while simultaneously offering an allegorical take on the rape-revenge narrative.

After being kicked out of her London apartment, Polish immigrant Katia (Natalia Kostrzewa, The Cured) finds a new roommate in Lucy (Jo Woodcock). The two bond and quickly become friends. One day, Lucy takes Katia to visit a local tattoo artist named Bob (Richard Brake, 31Game of Thrones). Upon meeting Katia, Bob comments on her perfect skin, which is unmarked by tattoos and piercings. Unbeknownst to the girls, Bob’s life isn’t as happy as his calm demeanor would make it seem. After being diagnosed with early-onset Parkinson’s, a disease that will end his career, Bob’s marriage became strained and eventually fell apart. With the clock ticking, Bob has become obsessed with creating one final masterpiece before his body gives in to the disease. When Lucy is called back home to care for her ailing mother, Bob takes advantage of Katia’s solitude and kidnaps her, locking her in a jail cell under his tattoo shop (why he has a jail cell under his tattoo shop is anyone’s guess). Katia is then subjected to Bob’s obsession as he goes to work on her blank canvas of a body.”

-Bloody Disgusting

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