"Hauntingly Beautiful" | Perfect Skin


“Hauntingly Beautiful”

-Dread Central

Perfect Skin is a fascinating study of obsession and the dark side of human nature that uses body modification, including tattooing, to tell the story of a lonely tattoo artist played by Richard Brake, who finds his perfect canvas. I’m a big fan of Rob Zombie’s work as well as the recent film Mandy, so when I heard about a movie about body horror starring Brake, I was immediately intrigued. Even if you missed Brake’s phenomenal performance in 31, he was also The Night King in Game of Thrones. Written by Kevin Chicken and Dusan Tolmac, the London-based Perfect Skin is Chicken’s directorial debut. After making the rounds on the UK festival circuit, Perfect Skin is headed to the United States. Dread Central has the exclusive first review of the film on this side of the pond.”

-Dread Central

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