"Great Acting" | Perfect Skin


“Great Acting”

“By the time Perfect Skin rolls credits, you will want to take a very long shower. This film is dirty, grungy, but surprisingly well-crafted. Don’t let the aesthetic choice take away from some great acting and some pure horror insanity!

In this film, young Katia is searching for a place to stay in London. When she stumbles upon the mysterious Bob, an American tattoo artist, Katia believes she’s found a home of her own. Sadly Bob has other far more twisted things in mind. Perfect Skin conjures feelings of a film like Hostel, but in actuality, it feels more like a 70’s exploitation film. Think more along the lines of 1978’s I Spit On Your Grave and less 2005’s Wolf Creek. While the film doesn’t have the brutal sexual violence of the 70’s exploitation films, you still have that grittiness that made those films such a pleasure/pain to view.”

-Flickering Myth

Indican Pictures