Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula

Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula


After their latest heist goes wrong legendary outlaw couple Bonnie & Clyde are on the run from the law and in need of fast money to fix up their companion who was shot during the robbery.

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After their latest heist goes wrong legendary outlaw couple Bonnie & Clyde are on the run from the law and in need of fast money to fix up their companion who was shot during the robbery. Finding shelter in small town they crash at the mansion of the notorious Dr. Loveless. When Bonnie & Clyde arrive at the Doctor’s mansion they discover he has a secret. Deep in his cellar, the recently revived Dracula awaits…and when gangsters meet vampires, there’s bloody hell to pay.


Runtime: 88 minutes
Format: 1:85 Flat
Sound: Dolby Sr.
Country: USA
Language: English


Nominated Best Feature – Chicago Horror Film Festival

  • Best of Fest – Fright Night Film Festival

  • Official Selection – New York Horror Film Festival

  • Winner Best Feature – Sacramento Film Festival

  • Winner Best Feature – Arizona Underground Film Festival

  • Best Actor – Fright Night Film Festival

  • Official Selection – Dark Carnival Film Festival

“a witty, beautifully photographed and is a bona fide triumph of filmmaking ingenuity… The performances are surprisingly strong — Friend’s script is much tighter and more pulled together than those of any number of multimillion-dollar genre films I’ve seen over the last few years. Even the effects by Jeffrey Sisson and Ryan Oliphant are astonishingly accomplished. It’s one of the small gems that keep longtime horror buffs like me sifting through the slag.”
Maitland McDonagh MissChickFlick/TV Guide

Tarantino On Bonnie & Clyde Vs Dracula 

“good looking, surprisingly steamy cinematic silliness. Director Timothy Friend offers an appealing blend of slickness and slumming. Gore-hounds and cult cinema geeks will have a fine old time. For the rest of us, it’s a nice guilty pleasure.”
Robert Butler Kansas City Star

“A cross between a gangster movie and a classic horror film…Tiffany Shepis brought her game to it.”
Carla Meyer Sacramento Bee

“…the film does start with several very creative scenes. First, we see a bloody corpse come to life. We then see a pair of home invaders enter a house that they discover, with fatal results, has already been taken over by the famous outlaws of the film’s title. Next we see Dr. Loveless, in a very effective split-screen shot, watch the feral Dracula he has imprisoned in a dungeon feed on a female victim through her genitalia (bringing to mind a similar stunning scene in Ray Garton’s classic 1987 vampire novel “Live Girls” and, to a lesser extent, the thigh feeding scene from John Carpenter’s 1998 Vampires). But the film belongs to Tiffany Shepis who is enticing throughout…” 
Shock Till You

“A real treat. Uniquely original film!”
Rogue Cinema

“One of the best independent horror films of the year…It’s off the f***ing chain!”
Deadpit Radio

“Tiffany Shepis and Trent Haaga are “a sexy, funny, and equally matched team, their scenes crackle with lust and bloodlust. Certifiable cult classic potential.”
Horror 101

“It’s hard not to love Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula…You will not be disappointed.”

“A bona-fide feature horror flick…the detail to the characters and historical accuracy makes the film such a great attraction. Not to mention, its original blend of humor, mobsters and vampires….”
Shea Connor St. Joe Live

“Bright idea brought to life in this intriguing picture. Provides everything fans love.”
Sci-Fi Magazine

“…the production value was way higher than normal, and you got to see Tiffany soaking wet and naked as the day she was born…she’s so cute when she’s angry! Dracula’s introduction and first kill was VERY well done and actually a bit on the creepy side. Good popcorn fun movie…”
Dread Central